Saturday, June 6, 2009

Urban fun (and a whole lot of fashion)! - BerryTree Photography : Canton, GA Child Photographer

First of all...I just have to comment on this child's wardrobe! Does her momma know how to dress her or what? Miss Ava's outfits were a photographers dream! Fun, funky, artsy, stylish...just LOVE them!

Ava was pretty shy for a while but soon warmed right on up to me! By the end of the night she was begging me to tickle her little "footsies"! Such a sweetheart! Heidi...thanks for being such a champ last night and letting me play in alleys with your baby! I hope you love them!

This first little outfit is by Madonna...see...told you she has a rockin' wardrobe!
Ava DSC_0025 web

Ava DSC_0036 bw web

Ava DSC_0046 web

Ava DSC_0114 web

a moody shot for her momma...who loves a little bit of drama! :-)
Ava DSC_0117 web

Ava DSC_0152 bw web

and a bonus storyboard just for fun!…
Kristi's 10x20 3 image rounded corner storyboard


  1. O.M.G. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! YOU ROCK SISTA!!!!!!!!
    You can "borrow" her anytime you want!!!! LOL!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! And you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sarah, these are just amazing! What a cutie pie! You are so talented!!! If you ever leave Canton, I'm following you!

  3. LOVE these!! Your blog looks incredible btw!! Fabulous fun work Sarah!!

  4. This is a fabulous session, Sarah! I am in awe of your creativity!


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