Saturday, May 30, 2009

The month of babies! - BerryTree Photography : Canton, GA Baby Photographer

The 6-9 month range is one of my absolute favorite to photograph! Little ones this age are so easy going and just sit and smile away! So much easier than chasing a toddler around. I've been lucky to have a lot of little ones in this age range recently! Little Miss Hannah however was quite a challenge. As beautiful as she is, you'd think Hannah would want to have her picture taken all day long...but little did she know that meant leaving mama and daddy's arms! She wanted nothing to do with me and my photography, only wanted to be held and loved on by her parents! (who could blame her!) We still managed to get some awesome shots! I hope you guys love them. I can just see these being framed in your house for years and years!

Hannah DSC_0017 web

Hannah DSC_0118 bw web

Hannah DSC_0173-2 web

Hannah DSC_0206-2 web

Hannah DSC_0217 web

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Could she be any cuter? - BerryTree Photography : Canton Baby Photographer

What a sweetheart! It was hard to coax smiles out of Miss Reyna (I think she thought we were crazy) but she is such a sweetheart and just a pure natural beauty! I just love her little cheeks and her perfect complexion! (why can't my skin look like that!) Without further ado!

Maldonado DSC_0002 web

a rare but fabulous smile from the day!
Maldonado DSC_0025 bw web

Maldonado DSC_0113 honey web

Maldonado DSC_0134 web

Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet Gavin - BerryTree Photography : North Atlanta Baby Photographer

Meet Mr. Gavin!

His momma and I both grew up in Pittsburgh and we went to both middle school and high school together! I moved to GA and she moved to Louisiana but we've still remained as close as can be! I love that all of my friends are having babies...and the most adorable ones at that! This was Gavin's first time in the grass and he was a little wary of it, but we got some great shots and had a fabulous time! Thanks Johanna for the lovely visit and letting me capture your adorable little man!

Gavin DSC_0075 bw web

Gavin DSC_0029 web

oh so cute baby toes!
Gavin DSC_0064 web

just the cutest little face ever!
Gavin DSC_0224 web

Gavin DSC_0011-2 web

and...last but not least...Gavin will be the face of my new business cards! I can't WAIT to get them in the mail.

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