Saturday, May 30, 2009

The month of babies! - BerryTree Photography : Canton, GA Baby Photographer

The 6-9 month range is one of my absolute favorite to photograph! Little ones this age are so easy going and just sit and smile away! So much easier than chasing a toddler around. I've been lucky to have a lot of little ones in this age range recently! Little Miss Hannah however was quite a challenge. As beautiful as she is, you'd think Hannah would want to have her picture taken all day long...but little did she know that meant leaving mama and daddy's arms! She wanted nothing to do with me and my photography, only wanted to be held and loved on by her parents! (who could blame her!) We still managed to get some awesome shots! I hope you guys love them. I can just see these being framed in your house for years and years!

Hannah DSC_0017 web

Hannah DSC_0118 bw web

Hannah DSC_0173-2 web

Hannah DSC_0206-2 web

Hannah DSC_0217 web


  1. Sarah! You are a fabulous photographer and you have a true gift!!! These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They take my breathe away...especially the last one! - Aimee -

  2. Beautiful photos!! Great work (And such a cutie too)

  3. These are just stunning! If this were my baby girl I'd treasure them always. :-)

  4. Gorgeous!!! You truly are gifted!

  5. These are absolutely amazing! You are absolutely the best photographer I know, and have such a wonderful gift! I hope you NEVER leave the Canton area... if so, we're following you!

  6. That black and white is just GORGEOUS! I love looking at your pictures :-)


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