Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photography Phun with Phriends! - BerryTree Photography : Atlanta, GA photographer

I really can't stand when people spell things wrong to be cute (ex. Klassy Kidz), but I'm in a weird mood I'm rolling with it! I met up with about 15 other photographer phriends (ok...getting annoying/old I know!) and headed out to Lithia Springs to take some pictures at the Sweetwater Ruins. We hiked through the woods, camera equiment (and a chair) in hand only to find out once we got there that the ruins were enclosed behind a huge padlocked fence! Well...we turned lemons into lemonade and decided to have fun anyway! Despite the heat and harsh sunlight...we had a great time and had a bunch of cuties to model for us! Here's a few of my shots...enjoy!

ILP DSC_0027 web

ILP DSC_0010 web

ILP DSC_0028-1 bw web

ILP DSC_0090 coral web

ILP DSC_0185 web

ILP DSC_0228 web

ILP DSC_0190 web


  1. Love the black & whites!

  2. Sarah,

    These pictures are lovely! I specially like the first one, it has a classic feeling to it!


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